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     The New England Reflector is an Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) Reflector with ten channels (9120 through 9129).  It was installed on March 3, 2006 by IRLP system designer Dave Cameron (VE7LTD).  The reflector is owned and operated by Brian Freeman (K1SOX) and Robert D. Macedo (KD1CY).

     The reflector operates on a dedicated server running the Debian operating system.  The server is located at a hosting facility in Massachusetts with a high-speed business class connection.  The facility is equipped with auxiliary power and a backup ISP to ensure at least 99.99% uptime.  It is possible to have over 100 concurrent IRLP (UNCOMP) connections or over 400 concurrent EchoLink (GSM) connections without suffering from packet loss.

     All ten reflector channels are free of charge to all licensed amateur operators.  Each channel has been assigned a specific use focusing on the needs of New England and nearby New York.  Three of these channels feature an intergraded digital gateway to EchoLink.  For a full list of all channels and their designated uses, please see the home page.  If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

73 and enjoy!

- The England Reflector Team


     We would like to thank the following individuals in helping
     with various projects in both the past and present:

bullet Dave Cameron VE7LTD Installation and support of reflector
bullet Dave Gingrich K9DC General support and technical consulting
bullet Phil McNamara N1XTB Bandwidth and hosting of reflector
bullet Tony Langdon VK3JED Installation and support of gateways
bullet Ted Wojcicki KE4TTE Past support of original EchoIRLP script

    We would also like to thank the following IRLP reflector owners for their
    generosity prior to the installation of the New England Reflector in 2006:
bulletRocky Mountain Ham Radio &
Mountain Top Associates
Past use of the former
Denver Reflector 987
bulletDanny Musten, KD4RAA &
Jack Thorpe, WA0ERX
Past use of the former
East Coast Reflector 921
bulletCorey Dean, N3FE
Past use of the former
NorthEast Reflector 905