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IRLP 9127 <--> ECHOLINK 9127



      The "Scheduled Nets" channel of the New England Reflector is the second of three integrated gateways on the reflector that digitally bridges together IRLP and EchoLink.  Users connecting to this gateway from either VoIP network are allowed to interconnect with each other.  The node number is identical and accessible on both the networks of IRLP and EchoLink as 9127.  It can be found on EchoLink clients as conference *NEW-ENG2*.  This gateway is dedicated to regularly scheduled on-air networks (nets) in the six New England states.

     This gateway is configured to have transcoding enabled, meaning audio between users on IRLP and EchoLink and visa versa are re-encoded.  The audio codec for users connecting via IRLP is UNCOMP (uncompressed), while EchoLink is GSM.  The purpose of this configuration is to have the added benefit of exceptional audio quality between IRLP nodes when connecting to the gateway via IRLP (highly recommended).


      Several nets operate on this gateway on a weekly, monthly and on demand basis.  We invite interested amateurs to connect, listen and participate.  Below is a listing of nets currently scheduled including links to the net's web site (where available).  In the case of a scheduling conflict, another reflector channel may be used and this will be noted in red:

Date(s) Time Description
Daily 10:00 PM Heavy Hitters Traffic Net (HHTN)
Sunday 9:00 AM Montachusett Emergency Net
Tuesday 8:00 PM Technical Information & Other Stuff (TIOS) Net
Wednesday 7:00 PM Western Massachusetts Emergency Net
Wednesday 8:00 PM Shore Point General Information & Talk Net
Wednesday 9:00 PM Waltham Wranglers Swap Net
IRLP/EchoLink 9120 (*NEW-ENG*)
Friday 7:00 PM W1ATD Rag Chew Net
Friday 8:00 PM Great Hill Gang/K1USN Swap Net
Saturday 8:00 AM New England Information Net
Saturday 9:00 AM K1USN Radio Club Net

      All Times Eastern.


      In accordance with the net schedule above, the following calendar grid shows the node source for each net, along with the allocated time slot given to each party.  The source is shown as I for IRLP or E for EchoLink:

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
8 AM             ?
9 AM I-8433           I-4320
     ~ ~              
7 PM       I-8581      
8 PM     I-4133 I-7505
9 PM            
10 PM I-4133


      As a service to all amateurs in New England, this gateway is offered to anyone who wishes to run a net during any available time slot.  All that we ask is that the interested party notify us so that we may reserve the date and time for you and list your net.

      Please first check the list of scheduled nets and calendar grid above.  Any time slot not already filled will generally be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Any time slot outside of the shown hours are also available.  To place your request, send us a message by going to the Contact page and be sure to include the following:

1.  Net Name & Description
2.  Net Manager's Name & Call Sign
3.  Source IRLP or EchoLink Node
4.  Net Day & Time*
5.  Recurrence (i.e., monthly or weekly)
6.  Web Site for Net (if available)

* Please be sure to include a start and end time so we can reserve the proper amount of time for your net in 15 minute increments.  For example, if your net usually starts at 8:00 PM and it is usually over no later than 8:40 PM, we will give you the 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM slot.  This will provide overlap protection to other potentially adjacent nets.